So I was re-watching the (very haunting) Much Music interview, and there’s something Louis said that I never really picked up on before. Just after the terribly awkward “haven’t you guys kissed?”/obvious lying Louis part, the interviewer says something like “girls like to see guys make out with each other” and then this happens…(18:29)

Louis: Do they?
Harry: I don’t think they do.
Louis: I was thinking, truthfully, if I was a hardcore One Direction fan…a hardcore Harry fan, for example…I wouldn’t like the idea of “Harry and Louis”. I’d want the idea of “Harry and me”.

Sorry if analyses on this moment have been way over done (not that I’d call this an “analysis”, by any means), but I have never noticed it before and I’ve never seen anything about it? (and if you have and wouldn’t mind linking me to someone talking about this particular moment I would love to see what others had to say!)

When I heard this, I immediately thought of all those people who say “if they really were together, they wouldn’t care what the fans thought” and the ones who don’t understand the importance of keeping that “straight image”. Louis and Harry literally say that they don’t think fans would like the idea of them together and that they are aware that most fans would rather be with the boys than see the boys together. Errr hellooo. 

(Obviously not true over in these neck of the woods considering I would probably choose me being alone for all of eternity just to see them happily together, but unfortunately not everyone is as great/crazy as I am)

(Also can we just note the fact that if Louis were ~one of us~, he would ship himself with Harry? Muahaha)

So yeah that’s really it and I don’t even know what this is, just throwin my thoughts out I guess.

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    I noticed that the first time I watched it, but I brushed it off. Sheesh, that was a mistake! Thanks for pointing this...
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